3 Tips to Create Attractive Blog Posts [Infographic]

You’re looking for an answer to a question that just popped up in your head. Where do you go?

Google, of course.

But what happens when the first page you click on looks like this:

Wall of text

“Nope.” *Clicks back button.*

No one wants to read an unformatted wall of text. We like short sentences, bullet points, and pretty pictures. No matter how old or well-read we become, part of us will always think, “No pictures? No thank you.”

You don’t want people saying “nope” to your blog posts, do you?

Didn’t think so.

I created this infographic to show you what it takes to create truly attractive blog posts that keep visitors on your site and drive backlinks to your content.


Note: For more information and tips, check out the original post Beauty Matters: 3 Tips to Create Attractive Blog Posts on Content Marketing Institute.

Content Formatting Infographic

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This infographic was made with the graphic design software Venngage.